Prospective students and their parents / carers are encouraged to contact the school and make an appointment to speak with the Head of Key Stage (KS3 - Claire Owens or KS4 and 5 Brendan Palmer) so that the student’s individual needs can be considered in detail, ensuring that the provision is appropriate and you have time to talk through any questions.  

Prospective students are also welcome to have a tour of the school although this may be virtually depending on current Government guidelines. If you would like to arrange an appointment to visit the school then please phone Claire Hatherall, Office Manager, on 01793 209198.

The Local Authority (LA) manages admissions. Parents / Carers of prospective students should apply in writing to Churchward School who will forward it on to the SEN Assessment Team. Students are accepted if the placement appears appropriate and parents/carers, the LA and school are in agreement.  Students may also be invited in for an assessment.

For more information on SENAT and SEN in Swindon please follow the links:

Swindon Borough Council website

Swindon SEN Local Offer

or to email the SENAT team on

Please follow the link to view the Admissions Policy