Covid Catch Up Premium


Covid Catch Up Premium Report 2020/2021

School Counsellor

To support those students whose social and emotional complex needs cannot be met by the standard provision at Churchward school. 


Evident through student feedback using the standardised evaluation, parent conversations, and feedback. Improvement in school attendance and GREAT points and a reduction in behaviour incidents.  Evidence of the student participating in more school events or activities.


For our students this year, anxiety has been the most common cause for concern.  The counsellor has used her experience and 6-week programme to develop the student’s ability to talk about their individual concerns. The programme gives students the tools and skills to cope with the challenges they normally face plus the added concerns from COVID-19. At the end of each block the students are assessed, and their next provision is agreed upon.
(8 students)


Post session feedback was positive, plus review at the end of the year for direct feedback. Students felt more confident to attend all school sessions.  Students have the ability to initiate and take part in building relationships and maintaining them. Students developed their confidence to try new challenges and readdress historical barriers they have had.  Working with the Thrive approach, the student’s history is revisited in order to help them move forward.

Independent Mentoring Provision:

Targeted at students who are starting to disengage with school. Offsite mentoring programme.  Use physical activities to engage students in conversation and once trust is built, they delve into more deep and probing talks.


For the students that use the Best provision, they are mainly struggling with mixing in groups and having the ability to cope with rules, boundaries and social interactions.  Students work with the team and develop their understanding of situations and then develop their skills.  Monthly feedback gives a clear insight into the success of the course and indicates the time required to get the best results for the student.
(2 students)


Monthly reports were given and annual reviews. Students have learnt some of the skills to control their frustrations and develop a wider range of self-regulating techniques preparing the student for adult life.  This also has a direct impact on their attendance in a range of classes such as Maths and English.