School Policies

Churchward School is part of the Brunel SEN Multi Academy Trust (BSM). Policies within the BSM are created and owned using a 3 Tier system. In addition to their policies, BSM also describes intent and procedure with specific BSM statements. The overall accountability for policy and procedure clearly resides with the BSM board but the 3 Tier system allows for delegation to the responsible organisation/individuals.

The aim of the 3 Tier system is to ensure quality and consistency but acknowledges and respects Education Provisions (EPs) are bespoke and must have their individuality. This approach runs right at the heart of the ‘standards not standardisation’ agenda within the BSM. Taking this systematic approach will simplify work for EPs with economies of scale, shared ideas and ‘here’s one we prepared earlier’ benefits.

Tier 1 Policies: BSM Wide Policies Tier 1 policies are centrally held policies relating to Governance, HR, Finance, IT and Estates & Facilities Management and are directly owned directly by BSM. Tier 1 policies are created by the BSM Central Services Team but adopted and reviewed by the BSM Board.

BSM Tier 1 Policies

BSM Policy Guidance 

Governance Policies

Complaints Policy

HR Policies

Churchward Policies Tier 3 Policies

16-19 Bursary Funding Policy and Procedures

Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Attendance Policy

Autism Policy

Disability Policy

Curriculum Policy

Educational Visits Policy

English as an Additional Language Policy

Exams Policy

First Aid Policy

GCSE Teacher Assessed Grades Policy

GDPR Policy

Lock Down Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Online Safety Policy

Physical Interventions and Interpersonal Contact Guidelines Policy

Privacy Notice

Pupil Premium Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Sex and Relationships Policy

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy

Subject Policy PSHCE and Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Work Related Learning Policy

Subject Policies





Religious Education Policy

Food Technology Policy

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